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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Waterwheel Meditation

This is an excerpt from a work in progress. For more info goto:

Review and Elaboration through Visualization

INHALE at midnight follow the fire heat up
Ignite huiyin contract with the jing fluid
Put the fire on high- spring fever at dawn
Chain reaction contraction
Dragon up up up to the ceiling
Bring the dew drops in the alchemical soup to a boil
Connect the ocean of energy with the life gate fire
Follow the Du up under the spine
Buzzing spine in line
Steam ascends into the sky
Abdomen contract- massage the heart with the diaphragm
Chest expand relax- fill and arch
Project heart fire compassion through lingdai
Dazhui release heat at dusk
Stretch the neck
Pull up on the medulla oblongata
Yamen fengfu clouds gather
Over the crown the dragon flies
Struck by lightning
Calmly descending
Raining on the mountain top
To the spirit’s shrine
Spiral opening yintang third eye
Over the nose
Meeting Emperor Huang-ti in meditation gathering water in the jing-well
Praying for the waterfall
Slide down the philtrum to renzhong in the center of sexuality- the mirror of the jing source
Yinjiao connection
Storing and catching jing
Governing meets conception

EXHALE follow the water cool down
Waterfall relax
Let go of the sphincter
Heart fire touches kidney water
Trickle down the spring in the throat to the chimney of yin
Roll down the stream between the two mountains
Empty out of jiuwei delta
Fill the abdomen’s river
Into the ocean
To nourish the land’s source at qihai
Exhale empty to huiyin connection
Down the abyss
Plug the drain
Don’t leak out
Wormhole blackhole
Turn it around
Save the water of immortality
Manufacture the jing seed by taming desire and fear


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